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From the Challenge Director

No matter what sector or service you’re currently working in, these are un-precedented times.

Budgets are being gripped, reduced and reviewed, certain vacant posts seem impossible to recruit into, our politics seems unstable with our politicians fighting off scandal after scandal and the way in which we work has been turned upside down making some of us feel vulnerable and uncertain about the future.

But lets stop the negative talk right there!

Never before have we opened up our eyes this wide to new partnerships and collaborations, new ways of working are helping us all to work in more flexible ways, our focus is shifting towards productivity rather than sheer presenteeism and we’re becoming more and more skilled at using technologies that have been available to us longer than we care to realise.

We are living in times of immense change, and with change comes the inevitable fear and uncertainty.

But change also brings incredible opportunity and a chance to do things differently. The Tri-Sector Challenge gives your aspiring senior managers of the future a rare opportunity to try new things in a simulated world that will feel completely realistic, but totally safe. It is the perfect developmental challenge for an ever evolving environment where leadership, communication and behaviours linked to emotional intelligence are the most important skills for future leaders to develop, regardless of the sector they belong to

Richard Wills

Challenge Director